Where can I buy clipped coupons?

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We’ve all had those moments where you WISH you had more of a certain coupon for this awesome sale, right? Well I’ve been there too, I use to buy my coupons on ebay BUT then I noticed the price gouging on them when it was a really good coupon. For example do you remember those $3.00/1 Nivea Body Wash coupons people went bonkers for? People were selling those on ebay for $1.00 each almost. Wiz Clipz offers their coupons for a FLAT RATE, no matter how good the coupon may be it’s always $1.50 for 10 coupons SHIPPED!

Here’s a current day example:



Wiz Clipz

In the above example on Ebay 20 coupons are $5.00 SHIPPED, on Wiz Clipz 20 coupons would only be $3.00 SHIPPED! Now that may not seem like a lot of money it’s only $2.00 right? Well that $2.00 could buy 2 more bottles of shampoo with the awesome Rite Aid Deal on Herbal Essence Shampoo (You can price-match this at Wal-mart)!

I have personally used Wiz Clipz service before and LOVE it (The coupons in the top picture is my actual order). They start listing the weeks coupons on Saturday at 8am!! So you can get the coupons on the way to you before they even hit the newspaper the next day!

Plus if you don’t buy a newspaper at all this is an awesome way to still get the coupons you need. My local newspapers are $2.00 each, why would I pay $6.00 for just 1-3 awesome coupons when I can spend that much and get 3 times as many coupons? If you are looking for whole coupon inserts you can also check out Insert Insanity (Yes I use them too)

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This post may contain affiliate links. Disclosure

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