Homeland Haul 3/22


Notice all my Pop Tarts boxes have the $5 coupons in them again! I also helped a woman out at the store and showed her the same cereal she got also had another box that had coupons in it and shared a $1/1 fresh fruit when you buy 3 Kelloggs cereals coupon with her as well since this is such an … [Read more...]

4/1 Shopping Haul


Homeland Haul: 1-Arm & Hammer Detergent $2.50(Used raincheck from a few weeks ago+used $1/1 from Homeland Coupon Books)=$0.50/1 1-Velveeta Skillets $1.50 (Used $0.75/1)=FREE 1-Planters Peanut Butter $2.00 (Used $1/1 printable)=FREE 1-Yakisoba Noodles $1.00 (Used $0.50/1)=FREE 1-Imperial … [Read more...]

Homeland Haul 4/6


Breakdown: 4-Store Brand Mac N Cheese-$0.43each=$1.72 5-Del Monte Green Beans $0.69each(Used $1/5)=$1.45 2-Del Monte Fruit Cup Packs $2.00each(Used $1/2)=$2.00 1-Reach Floss $1.72(Used $1/1)=$0.00 1-Kraft Block Cheese $2.00=$2.00 1-Hormel Cure 81 Ham$6.64 (Used $2/1)=$4.64 2-Kraft Shredded … [Read more...]

Homeland Haul 8/17


I forgot a few coupons that I really could have used BUT it's still a decent haul. If you are looking for whole coupon inserts you can get the same ones I do from Insert Insanity! Plus I think I may even be purchasing more of the $0.75/4 Buddig Lunchmeat coupons as they don't expire until … [Read more...]

Homeland Haul 1/19


-5 Hamburger Helper @ $1.50each -1 Bayer Aspirin @$2.50 -2 Chex Mix & Bugles @ $1.50each -2 Totinos Pizza Rolls @ $1.00each -5 Totinos Pizzas @ $1.00 each -3 Better Oats Oatmeal @ $1.00each -1 Shredded Wheat Cereal @ $2.69 -1 Kikkoman Soy Sauce @ $2.19 -2 Musslemann's 6pk applesauce … [Read more...]

Homeland Haul 9/7-49% Saved!


To finish up my shopping for the day I headed to Homeland where they double coupons up to $1.00 PLUS they have a new card where you can earn % off and more! Here's my haul: 1-Lloyd's BBQ Tubs $3.99 (Used $1.00/1 Lloyd's BBQ Tub printable coupon) 5-Best Choice Yogurts $0.59each 5-Totino's Pizzas … [Read more...]

Homeland Haul 2/7


3-2lbs 80/20 Beef @$6.99each=$20.97 1-Dr Pepper 12pk @$4.00=$4.00 1-A&W 12pk @$4.39=$4.39 1-Mountain Dew 12pk @$4.49=$4.49 3-Lays or Cheetos @$3.00each (Used $3/3 ad coupon)=$6.00/3 4-Mac N Cheese @$0.43each=$1.72 1-Starkist Pouch @$1.59 (Used $0.50/1)=$0.59/1 1-Coffee-mate Natural Bliss … [Read more...]

Homeland Haul 9/21 (68% savings!)


Today was my shopping day and I had a few awesome deals to grab at my local grocery store that doubles coupons up to $1.00! Plus I had a FREE Coke 2 liter and Ore Ida deal from Aisle50.com to cash in on! 1-Pringles Multi-Grain $1.85 (Used $0.75/1 Pringles Multi-Grain)=$0.35 1-Old El Paso Taco … [Read more...]

Homeland Haul 2/9


Here's the breakdown for this haul:   1-Purina 3.5lb Dog Food-$6.29 1-Boneless Pork Chops -$10.93(6 porkchops) 1-White Bread-$1.25 1-Best Choice Sugar 4lbs-$1.99 1-2% *Milk-$4.19 1-Cool Whip-$0.99 2-Welch's 100% Juice @$3.00each (Used $1/2 from Extra Savings store … [Read more...]

Homeland Haul 2/15


Today is the first day of the new sales ad which you can see here. Homeland does double the first like coupon and limits to 1 double coupon transaction per day. 5-Totinos Pizzas @$1.59each (Used $1/5 printable)=$5.95/5 2-Totinos Pizza Rolls @$1.13each (Used $1/2 printable)=$0.25/2 1-Welch's … [Read more...]

Homeland Haul 2/29


First let me open with a picture of my freezer, this is a couponers worst nightmare: So Homeland started a new promotion with this sales ad that every time you use your store card you are entered to win  a coupon book worth $600 to celebrate Marchs Frozen Food Month. They just happen to pair … [Read more...]

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