How to Coupon-Coupon Lingo

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One thing I discovered when I began couponing is like any other hobby/skill it has it’s own lingo that goes along with it. Now most of it you can kinda work yourself around if you don’t know it but eventually it’s a must learn for avid coupon clippers!coupon lingo

For beginners:
BOGO-Buy one get one
B1G1-Buy 1 Get 1
DND-Do not double(coupons sometimes say this at the top by the expiration)
HBA-Health & Beauty Aides
ISO-In search of
SS-commonly used for SmartSource coupon inserts
RP-RedPlum coupon inserts
PG-Proctor&Gamble coupon inserts(commonly found once a month inSunday papers)
Tearpad-found in stores by items
IP-Internet Printable(Plenty of websites like allows you to print coupons)
UPC-Barcode found on items
Stacking-When you use 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 store coupon together on the same item

Diving in to the long list of couponing lingo:
Blinkies-instore coupons dispensed near product from a machine that may have a blinking red light
Catalina – coupon dispensed at register after purchase(Make sure to ask for these if you see them printing!)
WYB-When you buy(sometimes coupons give you a deal on multiple items)
OOP-Out of pocket(What you pay after coupons and discounts for your items)
MM-Money Maker(When you can purchase something with a coupon and get money back from it
ECB-Extra Care Bucks (CVS Stores Rewards Program)
RR-Register Reward (Walgreens Rewards Program)
MIR-Mail in Rebate(sometimes items have a mail in rebate for a full amount of the product)
IVC-Instant Value Coupon (what Walgreens coupons are sometimes called)

New lingo pops up all the time so this list is never final but always a good starting point. Do you know of a “coupon word” not on the list that you’d like to share? Post it below in the comments and I will add it to the list!

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This post may contain affiliate links. Disclosure


  1. It stinks that they don’t beacsue overall, they are a pretty expensive store and they have SMALL limits on their good deals. Sample, ckn noodle or tomato soup 29 cents a can limit 6.


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