Homeland Matchup 8/22-8/28

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Here are the best deals at Homeland for 8/8-8/14. Some deals are included even if there is not a coupon to go with it.

You can find the Homeland Coupon Policy here

If you need pre-clipped coupons check out Wiz Clipz!


Pilgrims Pride Fresh Split Fryer Breast All Natural $1.49lb

Eckrich Smoked Sausage $1.99
-Use $0.55/1 Eckrich Smoked Sausage from 6/24 SS
Final price:$0.89

Iceberg Lettuce $0.88

Best Choice 8lb Jumbo Bakers in a Bag Potatoes $2.98

Yoplait Yogurt Cups 10/$5
-Use $0.50/8 Yoplait Cups from 8/5 GM=$3.00/8 ($0.40each)
-Use $1.00/10 Yoplait Cups from 7/22 SS=$3.00/10 ($0.30each)
-Use $0.40/6 Yoplait Cups printable coupon=$2.20/6 ($0.37each)

Tony’s Crispy Crust Pizza 5/$5
-Use $1.00/1 Tony’s Pizza printable coupon
Final price:FREE

Gatorade 6count 2/$5
=$0.42 per bottle

Kellogg’s Cereals: Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, or Corn Pops 3/$9.99
-Use $1.00/3 Kelloggs Cereals printable coupon
-Use $1.00/3 Kellogg’s Cereals from 8/5 RP or 7/29 RP
Final Price:$7.99/3 ($2.66 a box)

Hunt’s Canned Pasta Sauce $0.99
-Use $1.00/4 Hunts Canned Pasta Sauce from Homeland Care Coupon Booklet (Full list seen here)
Final Price:$1.98/4 ($0.50 per can)

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts 2/$4
-Use $1.00/3 Kellogg’s Pop Tarts from 7/29 RP
Final Price:$4.00/3  ($1.33 per box)

Best Choice Large Eggs Dozen $1.59
-Use $0.50/1 Dozen Eggs on back of rain checks
Final Price:$1.09

Homeland Milk Half Gallon $1.47
*Buying 2 of these is cheaper than buying 1 Gallon
Final Price:$2.94 (Full Gallons costs $3.83)

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls, Grands! or Grands! Jr Biscuits! 5/$5
-Use $0.50/1 Crescent Rolls printable coupon
Final Price:$1.00/2 ($0.50 each)

Sargento Shredded Cheese 5-8oz $2.49
-Use $1.00/2 Sargento Natural Cheese from Homeland Care Coupon Book (Full list seen here)
Final Price:$2.98/2 ($1.49 each)

Sargento Deli Cheese Slices 6 to 8 oz $2.59
-Use $1.00/2 Sargento Natural Cheese from Homeland Care Coupon Book (Full list seen here)
Final Price:$3.18/2 ($1.59 each)

Old Orchard Apple Juice & Blends $1.00
-Use $1.00/4 Old Orchard Juice printable coupon (Previously available)
Final Price:$2.00/4 ($0.50each)

Nabisco Large Snack Crackers $3.49
-Use $1.00/2 Nabisco Crackers or Cookies printable coupon
Final Price:$4.98/2 ($2.49each)

Tabasco Sauce 2oz 4/$5
-Use $0.50/1 Tabasco Product printable coupon
Final Price:$0.25

Hershey’s Theater Box Candy 10/$10
*This is the same price as Wal-mart

Nabisco Ritz Chips or Honey Maid Grahams 2/$5
-Use $1.00/2 Nabisco Cookies or Crackers printable coupon
Final Price:$3.00/2 ($1.50 each)

Duracell Batteries $2.99
-Use $0.75/1 Duracell Copper Top from 7/29 P&G
Final Price:$1.49

Herbal Essences Hair Care 2/$5
-Use $3.00/2 Herbal Essences from 8/5 RP
Final Price:$2.00/2 ($1.00 each)

Oxy Acne Treatment Pads or Wash $3.99
-Use $1.00/1 Oxy Acne Treatment Product printable coupon
Final Price:$1.99

Splenda Granulated Sweetner 9.7oz $4.99
-Use $1.00/1 Splenda Product printable coupon
Final Price:$2.99

Smart Balance Spread $2.69
-Use $1.75/1 Smart Balance Butter printable coupon (You will need to like and then confirm to get the coupon)
Final Price:$0.94

Gerber 2nd Baby Foods 2ct $0.89
-Use $0.75/2 Gerber 2nd Baby Foods printable coupon
Final Price:$0.28/2 ($0.14each)

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This post may contain affiliate links. Disclosure

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